High Summer 

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Just got home from selling my jewellery at the market not long ago, too much traffic when the weather is incredibly warm. The same when it rains. That’s London. Now, instead of taking me an hour or two to go somewhere, it will take me double the time to get to the same place and home again. It’s a madness! I spend almost as much time travelling, as the time I spend working. It’s crazy when I think about it. Time’s just seeping away, just like that before I know it.

Anyway, it’s summer now. Time to enjoy summer fruits. I need to have this delicious watermelon for dinner tonight. I can’t really eat a heavy meal for dinner because of the heat. I need something light instead. I have not eaten watermelon for a very long time anyway. I don’t even remember how it tastes anymore to be honest. Then, I will watch a telly a little bit more before going to bed.

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