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I want to make a second showreel/short film in which I, actually, play a role. But, I don’t really have time at the moment. I have to add products to my jewellery online store,, have to practise a script for the play for my acting class next week, make self tape auditions, go to castings, be on film sets, etc. Then I can’t do more. I have, actually, finished the script for my short film. But, I haven’t got time to start filming, looking for actors, and so on. Anyway, I am glad that I have completed the script, at long last. Then, I can always start shooting when I have time to do so. The first important thing is to finalize the screenplay. Then the rest will come by itself. Today, I started my day by practising my script for the play for my acting class next week. Then, I took photos of my jewelry, to be added to my online jewellery shopping store. It took me almost all day to do so. I was just done with the whole thing not long ago. And now it’s almost dinner time. I feel like, I just wake up. Time flies very quickly. And I still have a lot to do. I even thought about going out today when I stood up because it’s a warm summer day. So, I felt like going out, walking around enjoying the sun, going to markets, experiencing something new, etc. But then if I did, I wouldn’t be able to finish my works, to add items to my website, to practise the script, to work on my short film, and many more. I anyway go out very often. But that’s because I have to do filming, to work – not to go out and enjoy the sun and relax for my personal enjoyment. This weekend, I don’t have any filming job. But then, I have to work on my jewellery business. So, there’s no day off for me anyway. But I love what I do, and that’s like a day off for me anyway working and surrounding myself with what I like. 

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