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It’s music festivals time! And festival jewelry is a must-have accessories, to wear with your festival clothes. Dress the way you like it when you’re at the festivals. Be as unique and fun as you like. It’s festival music, after all. It’s all about having a good time with friends, listen to your favorite music til you drop, dress to express yourself, have fun, and leave everything behind for now. I loved going to music festivals when I was younger. It’s one of the most fun, enjoyable times of my life. It helps you escape from the whole thing and just enjoy the music, eat, drink, laugh, and relax. You also get to dress as fun and fashionable as you like, or even too fashionable. But, who cares? It’s festival, and everybody’s there to have fun and enjoy the music. And that’s why I love music festivals. I remember when I went to music festivals, I always wore a layer of jewels and trinkets, to create my own bohemian style that looks good & unique. Yes, I love boho jewellery and hippie fashion. Maybe because I was born in the 70s. So, I love all things bohemian or hippy. I just do. I think, it’s a very fascinating style of fashion, both the jewellry and clothing. Something that makes me feel nostalgic and connects me to nature (and I love nature). It’s just a style that allows me to be an individual.

bohemian necklace

Vintage Tribal Necklace With Rhinestone Detail £30

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