A Very Exhausting Filming Day Yesterday

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I did a filming all day yesterday. Then after that, I also had to go to acting class. And I stood up at 5am yesterday morning. I got home around 10pm yesterday. It was a very long, exhausting day, indeed. I was about to go straight home after the filming ended around 7pm. But then, I thought, I still have time to attend the acting class, even though I’m going to miss the first half of the class, but it’s better than nothing. So, I went to acting lesson afterwards. I am glad, I did go anyway. Because, I did, more or less, learn something. I could decide not to go. Then I could relax instead, after a long filming day. But, acting career is what I really want, so attending acting classes is something I value to improve my acting skills. So, I had to go. No matter how tired I was. Now my homework is, to learn the script by heart to perform the play next week with my classmates.

By the way, I had also just launched my own bohemian jewellery line about a few days ago, Bohoforest. I just set the website up about two days ago. Today, I spend my time adding some more products on my jewellery online store, www.bohoforest.com. I have loads of jewels to add on my jewelry shop online. But, I can’t add them all in one day. I also have to do filming. So, I must add whatever I can add in a day. Most of my best chokers, I make them myself. I find joy and relaxation in making my own craft, carefully design and hand make with love, passion & soul. 

double wrap choker

Double Wrap Bow Choker £16

white daisy choker

Daisy Choker £8

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