First Day At The Acting Class

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Yesterday was my first day at the acting class at Arts Educational School London in Chiswick. It went well, I think. I’m glad that I, finally, started the acting workshop again, to learn the right acting techniques, acting methods, interact with other classmates, share the passion, get feedback from the tutor, and more. I think, I have learned a lot in just one day. I am used to working as a background artiste. I rarely get a speaking role. I do featured extra and walk on roles once in a while. I did have one speaking role in a feature film before. But that was many years ago. I don’t even remember the name of the film or casts. Because, at that time, I wasn’t serious enough to become an actress. So, I did a speaking role in a feature film and that was it. So, the acting lesson yesterday really let me act, let me show the people and myself that I can act, to utilize my creativity to the fullest, and how to do it right, how to make your own film, etc. I have 13 years of experience working in entertainment industry, a strong interest in film & TV, so the acting seminar yesterday just confirmed myself how passionate I am about entertainment or film business in general. And acting career is what I really want. I look forward to attending it next week again already.

boho jewelryIn front of the Arts Educational School London waiting to begin my acting class.

Arts Educational School London

Arts Educational School London in Chiswick

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