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I have spent my whole day thinking, planing, and speculating about what I could do to demonstrate my talents and skills in acting? I then came up with the ideas, why don’t I make my own showreel? I have all the equipment I need now: The cell phone and the tripod. So, what am I waiting for? I asked myself. So, I will write the scripts and act for my footages. And I will start tomorrow! I have many good ideas for it. I will not tell you now what it is. You will have to wait and watch it tomorrow. I also do this to warm myself up before commencing my acting class next week. So excited to start creating my own showreel tomorrow! It will be fun and interesting to watch. I promise. I don’t know why, I have not thought about this idea before – shooting my own showreels? Anyway, I have come to this excellent conclusion now. It’s gonna be fun and challenging. I will wake up early tomorrow, to start writing the lines before I start shooting. I’m too tired to do now. So exhausted after having been pondering all day long about this new exciting project. I will go to bed early again today, so that I can stand up early tomorrow to a fresh start. Even though I am busy, but I do go to bed early and get up early almost every day. Sometimes, I go to bed as early as 8pm or 9pm.

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