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I had just enrolled in acting school anyway yesterday. I think, it’s imperative that I attend an acting class, to improve my acting skills and learn how to perform on camera for my own film. It would be the right thing to do. I know some famous actors never went to acting school. But that mostly happens in USA. Things are different here in UK. And I think, I have made the right decision. Because, I’m an actress and filmmaker who’s serious about my work. So, I always try to add new skills in acting, film making, and new knowledge in film industry as much as I can. I have that perception, if you really look for something you will find it. There’s always a solution to everything. It must be true. And that’s why, some people do achieve success. Not because of luck. But because they persistently looked for what they wanted, and they finally found it.

This film school I had just enrolled in yesterday, which will start next week, is a Drama UK school (formerly CDS School / on an NCDT accredited course). I have, actually, attended the acting workshop at this school before, many years ago. But at that time, I wasn’t serious enough to become an actress. So, after the class ended, I didn’t do anything about it, didn’t add it to my resume, didn’t care, and forgot the whole thing. This time is different because I am more certain about my acting career than that time. And I think, I am on the right track in the end.

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