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Just got home from filming. So tired and exhausted. It’s not the filming that made me tired. It’s the heat. Even though, I’m from a warm country myself, but I still can’t stand the heat. I feel like a vampire, trying to hide myself from the sun. Maybe, it’s because I’m getting used to cold weather in Europe. It has to be. Anyhow, it’s worth it for today’s filming. It’s what I love doing. I have no filming tomorrow. So, I will use my free time tomorrow to work on my own short film. I have to start working on my film as soon as I can before I get busy with the filming or work again. Every day is not the same. I will never know, when I will be booked for acting jobs. It could be any time and any day. So, as soon as I have time to shoot my own film, I must grab that opportunity.

I think, I will go to bed early again today. I stood up at 4am or 4:30am this morning for my early call time. And that’s why I’m also very tired now. I like going to bed early anyway. I feel so energised and fresh when I’ve got enough rest. And my skin looks more youthful. Enough sleep is the secret of younger looking skin, definitely.

The photos below’re not from today’s filming. They’re from yesterday, when I went to Spitalfields Market.

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