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I went out and bought some jewelries this morning. I still want to sell jewelry. But it will be bohemian jewelry. I like all thing bohemian, so. And now the summer is here. Time to dress like you always live on a tropical island, always summer, always sunshine, always fresh breeze, and more. Some of the jewels I sell I make them myself, and some not. I love fashion and jewelry. So, I will give this jewellery business a try again. This time, I am more sure what I need to do to run my business successfully. I won’t invest that much in it, though. I will just sell unique and trendy gems. I will start small first, to see how it goes. And I’m going to buy a real camera, to take photos of my jewelry and to practise myself as a headshot photographer as well. So, one camera for many purposes.

And I’m still working on my short film. I will need to buy some more tools for my smartphone, to be able to film as if I use a real camera to film. And since I am going to play the lead role, I can just film myself acting. This way, I also practise how to film using mobile phone. So, I can film myself again and again, until it’s perfect. When I start to feel more confident how to film using a cell phone, I can begin to film other characters for my film. Then I can just put the sequences together later. But, of course, there will be some scenes that I have to interact with other actors as well. But that can be taken care of when I’m ready. For now, there are scenes that it’s only me. So, I just film that first. I will just take it step by step, to make it easier for me to start all by myself. If I could not do it alone, I would look for collaboration instead. But first, I will try to go solo.

After I’m finished writing this blog, I will begin to pack for filming tomorrow again. Then I will go early to bed. The weather makes me feel so tired. Last week, we had a very nice summer. This week, the autumn or winter is back again. Today is such a cloudy day – all day long. Maybe a slight sunshine. But that’s it. I don’t like it. It makes you feel so depressed. But, if I lived in a tropical place, I would love this type of weather, especially the rain. I would feel so invigorating when the rain’s poring down, refreshing the trees, mountains, lakes, etc. everything would look so green. So, how the weather has an impact on your moods it also depends on the location and its setting, I think.

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