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I went to PC World yesterday to buy the tripod. It’s for all types of camera, including mobile phone. I just need to buy a selfie stick that the tip of it can be screwed off to attach on the tripod. I already have a selfie stick. But the tip of it can’t be removed. It’s just a cheap one. I need to buy a new one which the tip can be separated. So, I might go out again today to buy a new selfie stick. I will go out later. Most of the shops will close at 5pm today because it’s a Spring Bank Holiday. So, I must remember to go before the shops begin to close. I have also looked at the acting class I want to enroll in. But it runs on those days that I have already been penciled for the films. So, I can’t enroll in it anyway. I must prioritize my goals. Acting lesson is also a part of my targets. It’s one of the steps which moves me towards my dreams fast, I think. It may or may not anyway. Nobody knows. I have read somewhere that Tom Cruise never took an acting class. He said, the film set is his acting class. He learns how to act by being constantly on set. But it’s not only him. Many famous actors never went to an acting school either. Well, some people just have what it takes. So, acting class might not be the most important thing that will help me make my dreams come true, after all.

That being said, I still want to attend the acting school. So, I will consider enrolling in acting seminar at some point, when I find time to do so.

I will have my breakfast now. Then I will go out and buy a selfie stick, to get it out of the way. Then I can spend the rest of my day working on my film project.

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