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Now I’m ready to make movies! Because, I have bought a selfie stick today. The one that the tip can be removed, so that I can attach it to the tripod. The selfie stick I bought today is of good quality. It comes in a nice, commercial box. And if I don’t like it, I can return it. The tip can be separated, to fasten on the tripod. It also includes other tools which you can do more with it. So, it’s not just a selfie stick. And it cost only £4.99. So, it’s really good value for money. I already own a selfie stick, which I bought it for £5 from a gift shop in Oxford Street. But the tip can’t be removed, the quality is very bad, and if I don’t like it I can’t return. I only used it a few times because it didn’t really work.

I have already made a self-taped video to send to an agency. It looks good so far. How good a video or photo is, it also depends on natural light, in terms of what time of day is best to utilize the natural light, where the camera is being placed to get the best light and result, and so on. I put the tripod near my windows/terrace, to get the daylight right in my face. So, I have a very good spot there in my flat, to do filming or photographing. And now it’s summertime. So, there will be plenty of light.

I took some pictures of one lady in my flat last Spring near the windows, using natural light, when I tried to become a photographer. And the photos turned out fabulous! She really loved it. I also photographed an another girl last Spring as well in a more fashion style, more for modelling. She sent them to her acting/model agency. And they loved it! She needed professional photos to give to her potential agencies. But she could not afford to pay for a professional photographer. So, I did it for her for free, just she modeled for me, so that I could practise my skills as a photographer.

Then I gave up the photographer idea and just wanted to focus on my acting career. I did take pictures for free for some more people – not just those two girls. I might do it again because I consider becoming a photographer again. I like taking pictures and filming anyway because they have something to do with the visuals which I find fascinating. So, I’ll give it a try once more in the very near future.

From tomorrow, I will start shooting and shooting, practise and practise. So excited! This’s going to be good.

tripod for camera

cheap tripod

My new tripod. Love it!

The girl I took photos for her last Spring. Her agent loved it! Model photo.

An another girl I took pictures for her last Spring as well – actress photo.

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