Full English Breakfast

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Today, I make a full English breakfast for myself. It’s Sunday, after all. You have to pamper yourself. I really miss a proper early meal. I have been eating food on set for so long. I don’t really cook at home anymore. So, when I’m finally home again – after dragging my suitcase all over Britain to do filming on several locations, not just London – I need to make decent meals for myself. I don’t really eat European breakfast or food in general, to be honest. I normally eat Asian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But since I have been filming and working very often at the minute, and the meals I get on set and at work are European dishes, so I start to get used to European food now. It’s also convenient. I don’t have to run to Thai/Chinese shop all the time, to buy exotic ingredients for my cooking. But now, most supermarkets do sell Asian produce and ingredients as well. So, it’s good for me. But not quite. I still need to go to Thai/Chinese shop to buy Asian ingredients that I don’t find in British supermarkets, which most of them are located in Chinatown in central London.

Full English breakfast

Like today, I will cook Thai Red Chicken Curry for dinner. I will have it with fresh, thin rice noodles (Khanom Jeen). It’s a popular Thai street food that many Thais do eat almost every day. And it’s also quick & easy to make it yourself at home. Maybe, it’s not that popular for Westerners. But every Thai loves it. So yesterday, I had to go to an audition in central London very near Chinatown, I then had the chance to go shop some Thai produce and ingredients afterwards. So tonight, I will have tasty Thai Red Chicken Curry with fresh, thin rice noodles for dinner. Can’t wait! Even though, I have been living in Europe for so long, but I still eat Thai food every day. Unless, I have to be on set or work, then I don’t eat Thai food. I just eat whatever they have for me.

One of the reasons why I eat Thai food almost daily is because Asian people consider food as medicine as well. We use lots of exotic herbs and vegetables in our food, to cure and protect ourselves from diseases and sicknesses – not just for the sake of flavor. For example, Thai people eat hot & sour soup (Tom Yum) to cure the cold, which often works. And that’s why as I get older, healthy living and eating must be on top of my priority, so I do need to eat healthy food more than never before. And no doubt, Thai food is the choice of healthy food I select. I do exercise regularly as well, so.  And I feel great every day.

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