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My new headshots May 2017 are here! My new headshots this time with different expressions. So you can see me in possible characters, acts, roles, moods, and so on, which I think, it’s a good idea. Most of the time, when you see actors’ headshots, you only  see the smiling photos. So this time, I want to add a more variety to my headshots. I hope, it will be useful for my (potential) acting agencies, casting directors, and the people who would like to cast me for their films. And soon, I will have my full portfolio done as well with different photos in several outfits and postures – not just headshots. I try to update my photos every 3 – 6 months. This time took me a year to update my images from my previous portfolio last Spring, I think. But from now on, I will update it every 3-6 months.

Then I am going to enroll in acting class as well, soon. I’m going to act in my own short film. So, it would be good to improve my acting skills. I will also buy a tripod for my cell phone, to practise how to film on a smartphone, before I start shooting for real. I went to a shop today, actually, to buy a tripod for my mobile phone. But he said, it’s out of stock. They will get it again next week. So, I must go back and buy it next week. It’s too bad. I wanted to buy it today because I have to do lots of self-taping auditions this weekend as well. And that’s why I want to have a tripod for my mobile phone now, so that I can record the self-taping auditions more professionally, ready to be sent asap. And I can use this opportunity to practise how to film with a mobile phone. Well, I must use what I have now such as table, chair, until I buy the tripod.

My new headshots below are not very glamorous like many celebrities’ headshots you normally see. And I’m not a celeb. But they portray the real me.

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