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Just found my old photo. Maybe, the image is about 5 years old. Sometimes, I don’t like looking at my old pictures. I mean, when I was younger. They make me feel old. I miss my long hair. I love long hair. I think I will not cut my hair short again. I prefer long hair because it suits me more, I think. I feel like a different person when I have short hair. It’s like, it’s not real me. Maybe, I just need some more time to get used to short hair.

I need new photos as well. So, I’m going to have my new portfolio done very soon. Now that I have shorter hair. So I need new portfolio for my current look. I need to contact my photographer again. I think his prices are ok, compared to other photographers whose prices tend to be quite expensive. I don’t know why they have to charge people that much just for photos to be taken? If I could take photos of myself, I would do it. But I couldn’t. Only selfies.

In entertainment industry, I know that image is everything. But 90% of actors are just aspiring actors with limited budget. And most of them working in restaurants, waiting tables to make ends meet, pay for acting class and many other classes that could improve their skills, while they’re working their way to become a working actor or waiting for their big breakthrough, which may never come.

I have tried to be a photographer myself. I charged very affordable prices. But it didn’t go so well. Maybe, I didn’t try hard enough. Because I wanted to focus all my energy to become a screenwriter instead. But, I might go back and try again. I could make it as my side job, while I am working on my first short film. I want to do something creative but still make a living out of it. I will consider going back working as a photographer again.

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