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I just bought a printing machine. I was used to running to an internet cafe back and forth, and back and forth, when I wanted to print something. I can’t take it anymore. And now since I have to work with lots of manuscripts, I must have a printing machine. I will be printing out lots of papers for my film scripts. It would not be convenient for me if I had to run to internet cafe all the time then. And it’s very handy, indeed. When I need something, I just print it out right away. Now when I’m finished with my screenplay, I can just print it out and take my time to read it thoroughly – again and again. I prefer reading books in front of my face. I don’t like reading thing from the computer screen. I don’t know. It doesn’t give me the same sense of understanding, as if I read it directly from the actual paper. And the printing machine cost me less than £30. So it’s not a bad investment. I spent more money on the internet cafe for my printings and internet in the past. I don’t know why I didn’t think about buying a printing machine before now? Maybe it’s because I have to work with my script almost every day now. So I really have to own a printing machine, if I want thing to go smoothly without interruption. Because it can be quite time consuming having to stop doing what I needed to do, to run to internet cafe to print something out. And back home again, and start all over again like a circle. I so look forward to start filming my first short film! I have a feeling, it will be good. I just know. I am passionate about film & TV, or, entertainment industry in general. So I will put 200% in my work, with love & passion. And with a long experience in film business, I know, I can do it. I feel so confident that nothing can stop me now. My confidence and self-esteem are extremely high at the moment.  And it feels great. I think, nothing is more important than your own motivation. I think I can and will succeed. Then that is. I don’t need others to support me, to tell me what I can do or cannot, what I’m capable of doing, and so on. Because in the end, nobody knows you but yourself. Today is the start of my new chapter. It’s such a relief to have come to this positive conclusion.

Cheap Printing Machine

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