Making My First Short Film

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Today, I will spend my day writing, plotting, planning, constructing, and more, my first short film. I will begin with a short film first before I jump to feature film. I will take small step at a time. Until I feel more confident to make feature film. Short film is what aspiring filmmakers do, to begin with. And that seems like a good idea. It’s easy, fast, and doesn’t really need lots of characters. So, I will try to make my first short film as soon as possible. And I will be using my smartphone to make the film. So that’s a challenge for me right there. I will try anyway. If I have never tried it, I will never know how it’s gonna work. I will be the lead actress in my short film as well, to save time to look for other actresses. It’s a short film, after all. So I just want to get it started as soon as I can. Therefore, there’s no need to use too many actors, which will slow down my film making process. Then I can get started, perhaps, within two days already. Or maybe even tomorrow! I already have the story in my head. I have, actually, lots of stories in my head waiting to be told. So it’s about transferring it onto paper, construct, shoot, edit, etc. Then I am almost done with it. Then it’s time to submit it to various film festivals. I have already finished my scriptwriting class. I think, I will continue to the intermediate class as well, to complete the whole film producing process, from how to write a film script to how to distribute it. Well, my first short film might be just right around the corner. So excited!

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