Chelsea Flower Show

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I love flowers. So I might go to the Chelsea Flower Show this week. And today, the weather is incredibly sunny. It will continue like this for the rest of next week as well. So the Chelsea Flower Show starts in a very good timing, indeed, from 23-27 May 2017. Flower and sunshine, they are such a lovely couple. I wish, I lived in a little house with big garden, so that I could plant all the lovely blossoms in it. I am a girl. So I love anything romantic, e.g. flowers, beaches, and Autumn. Sometimes, I wish, I lived in a dream world full of beautiful inflorescence & happiness. Everybody’s happy. And we will all live forever. Maybe, I should write a fantasy novel instead. That’s what going on in my mind when I walk among the lovely blooms. I feel so positive about life and everything in general. The world is such a beautiful place to live. There’s no sorrow in this world -only joy exists. It’s unbelievable how flowers can make you feel creative and cheerful. And that’s why whenever I have time, I will go to park or big garden, to walk around and enjoy the flowers, fresh air, and nature on the whole. And I feel super calm and relaxed afterwards. Many good ideas and plans also begin to pop up in my head. All in all, I just love nature so much. I just do.



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