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I finally have time to write blog again after a long filming week. I started filming for the first production company from Monday 15 – Wednesday 17. Then after that for the second production company from Thursday 18 – Friday 19. Today is Saturday 20, I don’t have any filming or work. So I am free. But tomorrow, I have to start working again. And it looks like, I have lots of pencil and booking for acting jobs next week as well. And I might have to work 7 days straight next week. So, it will be a tough week ahead for me – again.

My tutor recommended us to watch and analyse this film, “In a Lonely Place.” It’s good for aspiring screenwriters to study it. So I might watch it tonight. But there are many films that I want to watch and study. So today, I will start with this one first. I also have to come up with memorable phrase of the tagline for my film. I love the tagline of the Alien (1979), “In space, no one can hear you scream.” It’s short, concise, and memorable. But it still tells you a bit what the movie is about, or, what you are going to experience without giving too much away. So I have to work on my own movie tagline that can be as smart as this one, or close. I try not to think too hard. I don’t think I even have time to think hard since I have to work constantly.

Well, I will start watching this film now.

Talk to you later!

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