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I will start packing for the filming days next week. We will be filming outside of London. So, we might have to rent a cheap hotel close to the film set to stay, instead of driving back and fort between London and the filming location. We have to film several days. So it might be worth it to share a hotel room with others that work together. It could be a fun trip & time together. Who knows. If we decided to stay at a hotel, then I would not be able to come back to London to attend my scriptwriting class. Well, maybe just this one time.

Today, it’s only my day off. So I have to spend it wisely. I think, I will spend my day, pretty much, on preparing for the filming next week, checking my emails, practising my script writing, reading (if I could find time for it or in the mood for it), and relaxing.

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Me on the film set not long ago. My hair is just this long past the shoulder. I just had a haircut last month, maybe. But my hair grows very fast. About a couple of months from now, it will grow very long again. I know it. I have to keep having a haircut like every 3-4 months, if I don’t want to have my hair that long.

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