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I started my scriptwriting class yesterday. It went well. I think, I have learned a lot. There’re many useful techniques, elements, skills, and more that I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t attend the scriptwriting lesson yesterday. And there are two more weeks to go. I can’t wait to continue next week already. I thought, I could just do it by myself. But, it’s worth it to receive a proper knowledge from someone face-to-face who knows this field well, and to have the opportunity to discuss the subject with other classmates who have same interests, working together, sharing ideas, etc. Now I think, I will be able to finish the script faster. So hopefully, within a couple of months from now, I could already have a finished script in my hand. Because this class is for beginner. And it lasts 3 weeks – once a week. Then after this class, there’s an another class for intermediate as well, which takes about another 4 weeks. And I think, I will continue with other class as well.

So by July or August this year, I might have completed the script already. So excited! I so look forward to the day that I, actually, have my own film script in my hand. And that I can call myself a screenwriter at long last. Then after that it’s a matter of selling the script or making a film out of it myself. It’s very likely that I will attempt to shoot the film myself. I’m not sure yet. It might be that I could easily sell the script. Then I don’t have to go through the challenging process of making the film myself. But who knows. Nothing is certain. So, I will see first how everything will turn out. Then I can decide later. But for now, I just enjoy learning how to write the script.


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