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I have a whole day to relax today before the busy week begins tomorrow! Have to start filming a feature film again for 2-3 days from tomorrow. Then this weekend I have to work – long shifts. Next week as well. I supposed to be working today, too, if I wanted to. But I chose to save my energy for filming tomorrow. So I didn’t want to work anyway, running around London, getting home late, etc. Then I might not get some sleep at all since it looks like I will have an early call time tomorrow. So just to be sure that I will get some sleep before the shooting, I shall not do any work today and risk being tired and not getting any sleep. Then the chance is that I might stand up late for the filming, which could be worse. I hate showing up on set tired or even late. I can’t concentrate on anything, can’t enjoy the work, in a bad mood, and so forth.

It might be a long day tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow as well, and…..I was about to pack for tomorrow. But then I remember, I already left my outfits at the costume department ready for the filming, which is good. So I don’t have to drag my suitcase around early in the morning. If I did have early call time, which could be as early as 3am or 4am, perhaps. It happened a few times before that I had very early call times like this. So I just need to be prepared.

But the good thing is that this will be the first time that I do not have to pack for the filming and drag my suitcase around London. I feel weird, but also feel relieved at the same time. So all I have to do is meeting up on time and looking fresh and active.

Talk soon!

I like listening to the music from The Killers. One of my fav bands. I think, they make meaningful music. Enjoy the song, “Human”, from The Killers:

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