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I have time to cook good food for myself today. When I say good, I don’t mean expensive food or anything like that. It’s just home-cooked, quality food, which I make it myself, with fresh ingredients and produce that I buy from the market. When I have time, I like spending my quality time cooking good, delicious food for myself. It could be something as simple as a noodle soup or fried rice. But because I make it myself, so it is something special to me. I know what’s in it, where I bought the ingredients, how it’s being prepared, and so on. It’s a true enjoyment, doing my own cooking and being in the kitchen making good food for myself.

This is how I celebrate and give myself a little gift once in a while when I have reached a little goal. I did achieve my small target by completing the character of the lead actress for my script last night. So today, I have to remember to reward myself for the hard work I’ve done.

But also, I have not done any cooking at home for the past couple of weeks. I was busy filming and working. So I ate at work and on set, most of the time. Or, I bought a takeaway home on my way home from work or filming. So I really miss homemade food. The food is, sometimes, good at work or on set. But, there’s nothing like comfort food. The food that you make it yourself. And I love cooking. So today is a relaxing day, enjoy good meal and watch TV. Life is good.

Egg noodles with crispy pork belly

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