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I plan to attend an acting class as well very soon, so that I can act in my own film. It’s not that I don’t know how to act in front of camera. I had been to acting school before about 10 years ago, which was a long time ago. I think, I need to improve my acting skills some more, to be able to act in my own film. If I’m going to act in my own film, I think I need to be well-prepared. Acting for others is different. But to act in my own film, with me as a director as well, will be more tough. So I need to equip myself with all the skills that will help make my film a success. Because about 2 weeks from now, I am going to start my Script Writing and Directing For Film & TV classes as well. So one more class in acting, too, would be an excellent idea. I want to make my own film. But I don’t just make it. I try to gain more skills and knowledge in this field as much as I can, both from the schools and from my own experience being on film set working in front of camera since 2004. It does help a lot. I feel more and more confident and ready to make my own film.

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