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I am actively working on the character of the lead actress right now, for my screenplay. I’m almost done with it. Tonight, I feel like working on my manuscript as much as I can. I can reveal a little bit that I might play the lead role myself. I’m not sure yet. But it’s possible. After I finish with the lead actress, I will continue with the lead actor as well. I feel, I have so much energy to work on my film script all of the sudden. And that’s why, I always have my laptop by my side on my nightstand. Because when the inspiration strikes, I want to be able to write everything down right away. I feel, I should concentrate more on my film script now, so that I could start making my own feature film anytime soon. The prospect of making my first feature film ever and it would be seen at film festivals across the globe thrills me. I think that would be my motivation to finalize my script as fast as I can. I think, when you have something to look forward to, the result and the rewards that come with it, you will work harder to reach your goals faster.

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