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My other job is working as an even staff. It gives me full flexibility to do my acting jobs. I can’t have a Monday-Friday and 9-5 job since it will not allow me to do my acting jobs. Acting jobs need me to be fully flexible, ready to be on set anytime, available any day, and at short notice sometimes. I was used to having a good, full time job. But then, I had to quit it, to devote all my time to pursue my dreams as an actress, dancer, filmmaker, and screenwriter instead. So I found a new job that won’t interfere with my acting jobs – an event staff. It’s not a bad job. I also have my own company selling cosmetics and jewelry. But that will be closed down as well. I can’t have a business if I want to pursue my career in acting. They just don’t work together, I think. They are two different fields and need lots of attention and dedication. So, I can’t also concentrate on other things since I want to focus on my acting career 100%. Unless, I am already rich and famous. Then I can use my money to do what I want and hire others to do the jobs for me.

It’s quite similar to acting jobs, actually, working as an event staff. I work all over London. I meet new, interesting people all the time. I work when I feel like to where and when. I am a hard working person. I don’t mind working day shift or night shift. And sometimes long shift. It’s almost the same as acting jobs anyway. Today you work with these groups of people, company, location, and so on. Then tomorrow, you work with completely different groups of people and company and location. So, there’s no different from the acting jobs. Except that you don’t have to do any acting as an event staff. You just have to work hard, be professional, nice & polite (well, it’s the same as acting jobs again).

So I work hard to fulfill my dreams. I didn’t take my acting career seriously in the past. But now, I’ll do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. Even it means, I have to work long hours, and sometimes working 7 days a week.

event staff

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