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I attended a Commercial Jazz dancing class for absolute beginner earlier this afternoon. It’s in Jazz / Contemporary category. Even though, it is for absolute beginner, I find it quite hard to follow. The dancing class I attended about 2 weeks ago, Commercial Groove, was more easy. And it’s for all levels. Even this dancing class, Commercial Jazz, is for absolute beginner, many students who attended the class today have been there many times already. So the class started right away. No introduction, no nothing. As soon as the tutor turned on the music, beginners just started dancing along. Because they already knew the dance steps since they have attended the workshop many times before. I just jumped right in. I didn’t know where to start and how to begin? It went so fast. So I tried to follow as much as I could.

So after 5 minutes, I ran out of the class. I thought I went to the wrong class. Then the lady sitting in front of the class waiting for another class told me, it is for beginner. So, I am in the right class. She told me to go back in and try my best. I then went back in. After 30 minutes, I was able to follow the tutor and the rest of the class. Even though it was just a little bit. But it’s better than nothing.

It’s a tough dance style, I think. I drank a lot during the dance. I sweat a lot as well. And I could feel my tummy got so tense, which means this dance style really tightened up my stomach. So it’s an excellent dance style for me anyway since I have dreamed of having a six-pack for a very long time. Now, I could get it in the very near future if I continued to dance regularly.

The Commercial Groove dance is more easy for me. It wasn’t that hard, compared to Commercial Jazz. When I attended the Commercial Groove dance, I wasn’t that tired. I didn’t drink much during the dance lesson either. And I could follow the tutor and other students better than this class, Commercial Jazz.

Watch the video below how I tried to follow the tutor and other students during the Commercial Jazz dance. I looked like a girl just started dancing for the very first time. But that was just the first 10 minutes or so. After I had danced a little bit longer, repeating the same steps again and again, it began to be less and less difficult. It’s all about practising. Do it again and again. Until I get it.

So, I think, I will practise it every day. I will use my studio as my dance studio, practising my dance steps. I hope, I am not going to disturb my neighbors with lots of noises. My neighbor next door to me, he’s a working actor himself. And my other neighbor living underneath my flat, he’s also a musician, I think. Probably, a guitarist. Because, I saw he has lots of guitars hanging on the walls and by the walls as well. I knew this because one day, I heard some noises coming out of his flat. I then went to his flat and knocked at the door. When he opened the door, I saw nothing but guitars almost everywhere. So since they are artistes themselves working in the entertainment industry like me (They are just real professionals. They do for a living. I’m just an aspiring actress.), I hope they will understand me.

I tried to follow others as much as I could. It’s my first time, after all. I also wore the wrong dance outfit.

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