An Evening of Peace And Quiet

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Just got home from work, so tired. I came home about 2 hours ago. I planned to go buy new gym outfits after work. But I was too tired. I just wanted to go home as quickly as possible. I couldn’t walk around in the store, try this and try that on, stand in a long queue to pay for the items, etc. I prefer to go shopping when I have a free day instead. Then I can relax, not in a hurry, take my time to try stuff, browse around the shop, and so on. I can just use whatever I have then for the dancing class tomorrow. Then when I have a day off, I will go buy new workout clothing. It’s Saturday today. I think, there will be some good films on TV. But, I don’t know about I will stay up late. I want to save my energy for the dancing lesson tomorrow. So I might go to bed early tonight anyway. I am used to going to bed quite early at the moment. So even though I have nothing to do the day after, or I don’t need to stand up that early, I still like to go to bed early. I like waking up early because it gives me a feeling of having so much energy, to do anything. Maybe, I will even get up at 4am tomorrow morning to work on my screenplay. Now, I will just turn off the television and read a book instead. I have two books that I bought last winter which I haven’t gone that far with the reading yet. Well, I have read the first chapter of one of the novels. But that it. Tonight, I will continue to read it. I am rather tired after work. But I feel like reading. I don’t know why. I am so exhausted. So I don’t know how many pages I can manage to read. I just feel, I need peace and quiet. I have been working and filming a lot lately, surrounded by lots of people. Then when I’m home, I either watch TV or listen to music. So tonight, I don’t want to hear or listen to anything. I just want to shut myself off from all the sounds, and just read and read, use my imagination instead.

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