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I am a busy actress at the moment. I have lots of things going on right now. I am going to start my Script Writing and Directing for Film & TV classes within 1-2 weeks from now. Then, I also plan to go to acting & accent classes as well in the very near future. I want to be a working actress. So I need to improve my acting skills. I learn acting skills on set. But it’s not enough, I think. I need to attend an actual acting class to learn the right techniques and get some feedback from the tutor and fellow classmates.

Tomorrow, I’m also going to attend a dancing class again. I go to dancing class, martial arts workshop, work on my own feature film, and so on at the moment. Every day, there’s something to do. But, I like it. I like being busy doing what I’m passionate about, film, dancing, and keeping myself in good form. So, I go to dancing and martial arts classes mainly just to exercise. As I said before, I don’t like going to the gym. If I want to have a toned body, then I do dancing and martial arts activities instead. But then, I want to add some new skills to my resume as well. So the dancing and martial arts classes do benefit me in so many levels, which is a good thing.

After work today (yes, I do have a normal job, too, when I don’t do filming), I will go buy new workout outfits for my dancing class tomorrow. I have some t-shirts and shorts at home. But, they are not proper fitness clothing. So I need to buy new, real ones. I look very much forward to dancing again tomorrow. I love the movements of dance. They are so beautiful! I can be myself in that moments, expressing myself creatively, letting go, and just enjoying life to the fullest.

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