A Very Sad Movie I Have Never Seen

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Sometimes, I like watching movie that is not so far from our everyday life. A film that portrays a true side of life which many of us oversee, or choose to ignore it, to make us feel better. Life is an interesting thing in itself. And that’s why, I like telling stories and wanting to become a filmmaker. I have a strong interest in the study of people and life. And I enjoy watching films in all genres, as long as it’s good and gives me something to reflect on. Like this film, “Dreams of A Life.” It’s a based-on-true-story British film. It’s a documentary film. No well-known stars, no special effects, no nothing. Just the pure story of a woman who died alone in a bedsit somewhere in London. Nobody cared or missed her – just like that?! I have never seen anything like this. That someone dies and no one comes and looks for the person for so many years? How can someone live a life without any contact to other human beings? I mean, a genuine contact, like family and real friends. She lived in a big capital, London, not in a jungle. It shows, how tough big cities can be. And that this is the reality that we try to run away from. I really recommend everyone to watch this movie, to see for yourself what I mean. Enjoy!

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