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I  will be creating a film page for my new feature film on IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram soon. So, keep an eye on my blog for the announcement of my film pages on those sites, which you can follow to keep yourself up-to-date with it. And those who work on my film project will receive a footage of the film and IMDb credit. Therefore, it will be an unpaid job. But the filming period will be very short. Maybe about 2 weeks only. And we will be filming in central London. So only actors that live in London may apply. Others who do not live in London can also apply. But you will have to pay travel costs from your own pocket. So only apply if you’re ok with it. I will submit my film to as many film festivals as possible as well. I will do lots of things in advance to promote the film. So this is an excellent exposure that is very important to all aspiring actors – to be seen and noticed. I am so excited that I can’t wait to start filming! And at the same time, I’m also very busy myself doing filming for others. So I work on my own film whenever I have time from other films. And that’s why I start now. Otherwise, I don’t know when I will have time to begin. And I also have to buy a tripod and some other equipment for my mobile phone for the filming. Then I will do some exercises myself how to film using my mobile phone and tripod. I could film myself doing the dancing class. Yes, why not? I will make sure I buy a tripod first then, before I attend my next dancing class. This is going to be super awesome filming a feature film using a smartphone. I can’t wait!


I have never made a real film on a smartphone before, except YouTube videos. So I think, it’s going to be fun, experimenting with its features, functions, abilities, and so on. It’s a new way to go nowadays for low-budget filmmakers, I think. It’s an incredible alternative. I’m also going to enroll in Directing for Film & TV class as well. It will start next month. So I will be directing, producing, writing the film script, and, perhaps, acting in the film, too. Every day from now on, it’s about planning, doing some researches, preparing to submit the film to film festivals, looking for actors, film crew, and many more. When I have everything in place, then I can relax and just focus on film making. I have a strong passion for film. So all that hard work and working alone ahead doesn’t intimidate me. I like challenges. Challenge is fun. It makes me feel alive. And that the world is an exciting place to live. It’s full of life, energy, opportunity, possibility, and more.

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