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I went to South Thames College this morning to enroll in film making class. I thought I missed one day of the class since it supposed to start last Friday. But it turned out, I didn’t miss a thing. The workshop was being cancelled due to not enough students. The class will begin again this September. I hope, this time, it will have enough students. So I can attend the course. I did make this vlog before I went into the college. I told myself to make another one about the class being cancelled when I come out of the college. Then I forgot.

I worked on my manuscript all night long last night. I also supposed to do the music video shoot today. But it’s being postponed. And that’s why I worked on my screenplay the whole night last night. I don’t think I will be working on it again tonight. I’m so tired. I will go to bed early today. Then get up early tomorrow and start writing as soon as I stand up. I prefer writing in the morning now since I feel so fresh and full of energy in the morning. As the day goes by, I feel less and less active. When I say early, I mean pretty early. I sometimes go to bed 8pm or even 6pm, if I have early call time for the filming. Let’s see how early I want to go to bed today. I might take a nap now. Then wake up later to work on my film script anyway.


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