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I like taking selfies and post it on my site, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. I like posting my current photos as often as possible. So people can see how I look daily in different outfits with or without makeup: Casual, formal, party dress, hippy, rock chic, and more. It’s fun, and at the same time useful for my acting agencies as well – to see me in possible characters, looks, locations, and so on. I also make vlogs as often as I can and post it on my YouTube channel. So people can see me talk, my lifestyle, skills, personality, attitude, and the like. I do it mainly just for fun. But it also updates people automatically how I look now, talk, live, etc. I haven’t made a vlog for almost a week now, busy filming. Next one I’m going to make, I think, I will do Danish speaking again. It will be a long one this time. I did make one before. But it’s a short one, just saying my name, how long I have been living in UK, why I moved to London, and that it. This time, I will talk longer, telling about my life in London, work, dreams, and so forth.

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