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One day, I will stand behind the camera, producing & directing films with my own screenplays. I will still be an actress, though. But, working behind the scenes is also very interesting and rewarding. To put the whole story together in a new medium, from manuscript to movie, with others who share the same interests is exciting and fun. Everyone has their own duty they have to take care of. Then when the project is done, we can see everybody’s contribution come to life. It’s all about teamwork. We can’t make a movie with a good collaboration. I remember when I made student films during my time at technical college in Copenhagen, Denmark (I’ve studied film & communication there), there’s one guy in our group he’s very good at editing the films. He subtly put all the special effects together. So when our group watched the film together, we could barely recognize that’s the same film we were making together. The final result was almost too perfect. And we’re just newly started film students. So we said to ourselves, did we make that short film together? So, everybody has a paramount part in the project. There’s no role is too small and unimportant. It’s a job that requires you to socialize and interact with others a lot. And I like meeting new people and challenges. So, it seems sensible enough that this is my career choice.


I have to go enroll in film making class today. It already started last week. But I was busy doing the filming, so I couldn’t go to the college to enroll. I hope it’s not too late to enroll now since it’s only one day that I missed the class. Then next month, I will start a Script Writhing and Directing For Film and TV workshops as well at the same college. I look forward to returning to the film making again. This is where I want to be.

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