Persistence is The Key to Success

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When I have something good and inspiring I share. I can’t keep it for myself. I have just read about Sylvester Stallone, about how he, against all odds, got his breakthrough in Hollywood, how he kept fighting and fighting until he could make his dreams come true as an actor, screenwriter, and director. It’s a very interesting and motivating story that will, more or less, inspire many, especially aspiring actors / screenwriters, like me. That’s for sure! If not, then I don’t know what. After reading his story, I felt much better about myself. That as long as I keep fighting and not giving up on my dreams I WILL succeed one day. But at the same time, I felt like an idiot because I have given up several times. And I haven’t even been through so much like him. But him, who has been through so much, if I were him I would give up already, managed to make his dreams come true, at long last. Isn’t it amazing? Now I know, when I feel like giving up or something like that, I will re-read his story again and again, to keep fighting. Now I know what I will spend the rest of the evening for, writing my film script as much as I can. I have coffee and cake enough for the whole evening.

You can read the whole story here. Whoever the first person that wrote this story, I can’t thank you enough.

All about being persistent. Your success is in your hands!


Now I am being inspired to write and write till I drop.

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