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I am very busy at the moment filming all over London. I start taking my acting job seriously. So, I have now set up my IMDb profile and resume. I have listed all experiences I have done to date. So please check it out. I am working doing filming 3-4 days a week, sometimes 5-6 days a week. I like getting busy filming & doing what I like. This is where I wanted to be, an actress. So, I don’t mind getting busy doing what I love. Tomorrow, I have to do a filming for a high street bank commercial as well. It’s a continuity from Wednesday this week. So we haven’t done yet. And the day before that, I just did EastEnders. And next week, I have lots of filming jobs lined up as well. I want to continue with dancing class & martial arts class, but I haven’t found time to do yet. Not at the moment. I was free yesterday and today. But then, I have lots of things to do. So, I dedicate all my free time yesterday and today to make important phone calls, organize my documents, do some shopping, update my website and resume, and so on. And now it’s almost 2pm, and I haven’t done much yet. I still have a long list of to-dos to complete. So even though I have a day off, but it doesn’t mean I can relax. I’m still working.

I also have to ring my photographer to arrange a new photo shoot. My current portfolio is about a year old. And now I have cut my hair as well. So, I do need to have new images taken as soon as possible.

If you haven’t viewed my resume or visit my IMDb profile yet please do so here.

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