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It’s been a very busy day for me today. I first had a haircut for 2 hours. It took that long because I went to Headmasters Senior Academy Salon in Putney, to get my hair cut from the student there since it’s more affordable. It’s not just because it’s inexpensive and that’s why I went there. But because I was used to spending at least £50 to have a haircut. But I wasn’t happy with it. I almost cried after the haircut every single time in the past. So now, I will pay almost nothing for it. Then if it didn’t turn out good I wouldn’t get so upset. Does that make sense?

After that, I went to a dancing class – to start dancing again. I just got home not long time ago, actually. I haven’t danced for a very long time since I left dancing for about 8 years ago. It was fun. I love dancing very much. I feel like coming home. I have not danced in 8 years. But when I started dancing again today for the very first time after 8 years, I could feel I can still do it. It’s in my blood & soul, I think. I took a Commercial Groove dance which is in a Street / Commercial category. It’s a very fast-paced dance style. And the class is for all levels. So, it’s not a class for beginner in which everything will be instructed and explained step by step and slowly. So the tempo of the workshop was quite fast since many of the students have attended this dancing class many times before. Only about 20% of them have not, including me. But I could follow it about 80-90%, which was not too shabby when I have never danced this style of dance before. And plus, I have not danced for 8 years. So I think I will continue with it.



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