10 Fashion Items For Summer

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Summer is coming! I warn you. Go buy these 10 fashion items now. So you can enjoy the summer with your new summer look. I again, mainly, focus on rock chic style, or, rock ‘n’ roll look because that’s what I like. And these outfits cost nothing. Some of them you may already have in your wardrobe. So it’s all about re-styling them. Just mix and match them with all items you have in your wardrobe – to create new styles that you really like.

denim shorts

  1. Denim Shorts

They are timeless. You can wear them summer after summer with lots of things. They’re like a symbol of summer. I guess, everybody has them. You can’t go wrong with a pair of denim shorts in summertime.

2. Rock T-shirt

Rock ‘n’ roll t-shirt or oversized t-shirt dress is a must-have this summer. There’s no other way around! Everybody has got to own one or two. But wait a minute, how about trying to go through your boyfriend’s wardrobe, before you go out and spend a fortune on rocking t-shirts. You might not need to buy them at all. You might find some of them there. And if he’s a rock fan, then you’d, for sure, find loads of them there. You can just borrow him (without asking). The oversized t-shirt dress, you can either wear it alone as a dress, or, wear skinny jeans under.

summer outfit

3. Check Shirt

It’s a very useful fashion item that you can use it as a cardigan on top of a t-shirt, tank top, dress, etc. And then when you don’t need it yet, just tie it around your waist to create a cool look.

4. Light-colored Denim Jacket

Jeans jacket is also a fashion item that’ll never go out of trend. You can wear it with anything. It just makes your outfits look cooler without much effort.

kurt cobain t-shirt

5. Sunglasses

You can’t walk around in summer without sunglasses. It’s not cool. Sunglasses don’t only protect your eyes from the strong UV rays of the sun, but it’s also one of trendy accessories that no one can live without during summer.

6. Jewelry

Jewels are also accessories that will help take your summer fashion to the next level. They can really transform a casual outfit into something hip & cool. You can buy the necklaces and chokers I wear in the photos here.

7. Tote Bag

Tote and summer are friends. It makes your summer style look more relaxed. It creates a feeling of packing and going to the beach with all the sunscreen, sunglasses, books, etc.

8. Sandals

They are comfortable to wear in the summer. They are airy, so your feet can easily breath. And they are practical for summer. You can wear them with all summer apparels. It’s casual, but still smart in a way. It depends on the styles of the sandals as well.

9. Summer Makeup

Choose the tones and shades that represent summer and you are good to go. Makeup makes you look active and refreshing. I like the brown tones above. They make me look tanner. It’s summer. I need more tan and cute colors on my skin. So, I try to cheat it as much as I can.  And these shades of makeup do create a tan effect on my skin to a certain extent.

10. Nail Polishes

Buy nice, colorful nail polishes for your summer wardrobe to complete the look.

That’s it for now! I hope you find my blog helpful. Now you have an idea of what to buy and wear for summer. It’s the time of year that I look very much forward to, so that I can wear beautiful summer clothes and enjoy the summer sun.

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