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I made a fashion haul vlog this morning. But I did not post it right away because I had to edit my youtube channel first, to make it look better and more professional. I’m not completely finish with it, yet. I’m also going to make lots of updates on my own website. It needs a makeover. Well, not quite. It just needs more updates and a little bit of redesign. All that just takes too long time. So I just post my vlog anyway. Otherwise, I will need to post it tomorrow if I had to wait until everything is looking good & beautiful. The technical thing is simple enough for me, as long as it’s not too complicated. But it takes time. I have studied computer at technical college. So it really comes in handy now in my everyday life when technology is something we rely more and more on.

Enough about technology for now. In this video below, I talked about my new outfits that I bought yesterday. I can’t wait to wear them soon! I really love the denim jacket. I have a feeling, I’m going to wear it a lot from now on, until summer is saying goodbye to me this year. I love rock ‘n’ roll or raw look. So I am happy with what I had bought yesterday. It’s exactly my style. I can’t picture myself wearing other styles that I don’t feel it expresses me, my personality, attitude, creativity, interests, and lifestyle. So I think, no matter how old I am, I will keep wearing the same things. Nothing will change much. I’m wearing the style I like to please myself and no one else, after all.

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