5 Nail Polishes For Summer

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pastel nail color

I like to have some different colors of nail polishes. Especially summertime, I like to apply nail polish almost every time I go out. Nail polish can really & magically turn your ordinary outfit into something fantastic & sensational. Today, I will share the colors of nail polishes that I, usually, apply in summer. If you don’t know what colors to buy for summer then you can give these colors below a try:

Nail polish in ocean blue

  1. Ocean Blue Nail Polish

The color is so refreshing & beautiful for summer! It’s my fav color of all. The cheerful ocean blue color on your nails really make you think of sun, sea, sand, and the beach, of course. It makes you feel relaxed, as if you’re lying down on the beach sunbathing and sipping Margarita. It’s such a happy color that marks summer is HERE. And it goes along with almost any color. Most people dress in light apparel during summer anyway. So this color will take your clothing to the next level. It will contrast all the light colors extremely well. And it may make you feel like a little mermaid  That’s a bonus.

pink nail polish

2. Pale Pink or Coral-Peach Nail Polish

This pale pink nail polish is a must-have. It’s a color that goes with everything and any skin color as well. It will also give you a little tan. It makes summer super sweet. It’s like unicorn is real. I love it! I have to have this color at home. I apply it often all year round, indeed.

red nail polish

3. Red Nail Polish

Red is a color that I can always use. And red is also a color that can be applied all year round and with most outfits. It’s a classic color that you can apply both day & night.

black nail polish

4. Black Nail Polish

Black can be a sexy, cool color. So, I use black nail polish sometimes in summer if I want to look super incredible in a mysterious way.

base and top coats

5. Nail Base And Top Coat

Well, this is not a nail color. But it is essential that you use it every time you apply nail polish for long-lasting nail color and to protect your nail, too. Your nail polish will look even more shiny and beautiful when you apply top coat on top of it.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy and try them to see if these colors suit you and summertime!

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