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I have not been dancing for a long while. So I can’t add that to my résumé as a skill. But today’s the day that I will start dancing again. I have danced all my life. So it seems so right that I start dancing again. When I watch music videos and see people dancing, I miss it so much. I feel like, this is what I should be doing now. I have taken Jazz / Contemporary Dance Class in the past. But I, accidentally, made the wrong move which resulted in my back being injured. I went to a chiropractor for several months to recover from it. Since then, I have not gone back to dancing. But now, I am ready to begin again. When you do what you love, you will always come back to it – no matter what happens. Nothing can stop you from doing what you’re passionate about.

The accidents do not stop there. I have several accidents every time I attend a lesson like that. I had also attended martial arts workshop about a couple of years ago. Then I, again, burned my wrist when I attempted to make candle. The horrific injury was quite bad that the burn scars on my wrist, on my right hand, looked like three big volcanoes many months after. Everywhere I went, people looked at me thinking that I am on drugs or something when they saw my scars on my wrist since I also have a tattoo on my hand. It took me several months again to recover. So because of that, I had to put my martial arts class on hold. Now, I’m ready to go back. The scars are still there on my wrist on my right arm. But they are rather small now and do not look so horrible as they were used to.

That’s for now. I will go out in a minute to buy workout outfits before I go to dancing class. Then next week, I will resume my martial arts seminar. The sun is nowhere to be seen today. Well, it doesn’t matter. I have to go out, then I have to go out. I will also make a vlog today about the dancing class. Stay Tuned!

By the way, I am writing this blog post on my new laptop that I just bought yesterday. I am so happy with it, finally! I think, the laptop will enable me to finish my manuscript faster. So this weekend, I will take the opportunity to work as much as I can on my screenplay on my own. Then next month, I am going to attend a script writing, film making, directing for film, and more class as well. Yes, all that is in one class. It’s a very good deal, indeed. So, I will work with my film script beforehand, so that I can show to my tutor what I have achieved so far. Can’t wait to begin

new laptop

laptop in white

My new laptop.

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