Working on my Manuscript Day 2

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Today, I start working on my manuscript day 2. I have to take one thing at a time. Otherwise, I will feel so overwhelmed if I tried to achieve so many things at once. I feel more in control when I divine my project into small pieces. Then I can better focus on just each little piece, give it as much attention it needs, take my time to perfect it, do a research on it, and so on. When I am happy with this one then I can move on to the next. By doing this, I don’t put so much burden on myself. I don’t feel so stressed that I have soo many things to do. Everything will feel too much for me. And then I will end up have nothing done at all. So this technique will work best for me, I think. Then when I have completed all the pieces I can put them together like a lego. I know some people are good at writing a short novel in a matter of 2-3 days or 1 week. But I can’t. I did try. But it didn’t work for me. I’m also going to attend script writing class soon. So it will help me even more – to get constructive feedbacks from the tutor and classmates and gain more knowledge in this field. And if I finished my manuscript, finally, I would consider making my own feature film out of it. I feel excited with the project already. I have a feeling that I CAN do it!

On my first day of script writing, I did draft a one paragraph plot. So I know what it’s about and how many characters I will need. Today, I will create a lead actress character. I will take my time. If I didn’t finish it today I would continue until I am done with this task before I move to the next.


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