New Doors

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My today’s vlog is about my new installed doors and my script writing. I have been busy filming lately. So I haven’t got time to do a vlog or blog. Today I’m free. So I take the opportunity to do a vlog, write blog, and continue with my script writing. I will write it on my smartphone since I don’t have a laptop. But why not? Modern-day people begin to write their stories on a mobile phone on the go whenever they can, or whenever the inspiration strikes. So why should I rely on a laptop when so many people have successfully published their books from a mobile? I think, it’s a matter of willpower. If you want it so badly you will be able to pull it off with whatever tool you have at your disposal. Think about beforetime, people wrote books using pen and paper only. So if they could do that why couldn’t I? So this evening, I will devote my time writing as much as I can. Because next week, I will be busy with the filming again. So I have to utilise the free time I have as much as possible. I have to visualise how happy will I be when I have, at long last, finished my first manuscript. I think that will be my best motivation to complete my film script as soon as I can. And because I also want to make a film out of it myself. ┬áSo the sooner I finish it, the better. So I can begin to look for actors, actresses, film crew, locations, and so on. But if that would be too much for me I would just sell the screenplay instead. I will see how much I can get it done this evening.


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