A Day Off

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I have enjoyed my day off so far. I have been busy filming for the past 3 days. And plus, I had to work, too, the days that I was not on set. So, I work about 6 days a week, pretty much. Today is my only day off. Then I have to go to work again tomorrow – all day. Then on Monday, I have to continue with the filming again, all day long as well, from the sun comes up till the sun goes down. Still with the same production. It’s a continuity. I was so busy with work & filming jobs last week, so I got home quite late every day. Then I had to get up very early to repeat the same routine again and again. So I didn’t sleep that much. I didn’t even turn my phone on or watch the television. I got home, I went to bed straight away, so that I could stand up early. Otherwise, I would get too tired to wake up early if I went to bed late. Or worse, if I could not get up early I would get up late and messed up the whole thing. And I didn’t want to do that. I take my jobs seriously. I will do anything to try to be reliable and punctual as much as I can. Even if it means no TV, no mobile phone, no Internet, etc. My works come first. All other things that will slow me down don’t really get my attention.

Even it is my day off today, I went out this morning to buy a selfie stick. Since it is a very practical tool for people who take selfie and record videos a lot, or on a daily basis. And that’s what I do. It only cost ¬£5. But it’s worth it, I think. I can’t wait to take my first selfie or do a vlog with it – soon.

Selfie stick

The guy from the shop where I bought the selfie stick showed me how to use it. He spent almost 10 minutes to demonstrate to me how to use it. It’s very awkward 😴 I’m not good with such thing since I have never used a selfie stick before. I didn’t see a reason to use it. But now, I have to go with the flow.

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