I Am Also A Seamstress

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I am also a seamstress. Many people don’t know that most of the outfits I wear on set, I make them myself. I was used to making and selling clothes at the market. But then I stopped. But maybe I will start again. I enjoy sewing clothes – mostly for my own use – partly because I like wearing something unique that expresses the real me, and partly because fashion clothes are quite expensive. But I understand that since you have to pay for the design and quality. So it’s fair enough. So to save money and wear something I truly like, I just sew them myself. Sometimes, I like going to different fabric shops, to look for nice fabrics for my new outfits. And now, summer is just right around the corner. I will be sewing lots of beautiful summer clothes. I love summer fashion. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m coming from a warm country. But, who doesn’t like beachwear or summer clothes that are full of cheerful colours and prints? They really make you feel, summer will last forever. Boring autumn and winter do not exist. Just summer all year long. So, I will be looking for new, beautiful fabrics to sew my new summer outfits soon. I get crazy when I walk into the fabric shop, like a girl walking into a candy store. I just feel like, I want to buy them all and make fabulous apparels out of them. I enjoy making clothes & jewellery. And I am proud to wear them myself.

Beautiful summer dress

I made this dress myself for a feature film I was in. It will be in cinema this June, I think.



I also made this gingham crop top to wear on another feature film, which funny enough it will also be in cinema this summer as well.

Beach jewelry

I also made this beautiful Rose Choker Necklace.

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