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The script writing class is not going to start within 1-2 months from now. In the meantime, I have to teach myself script writing through the study of other manuscripts. I quite like Basic Instinct by Joe Eszterhas. The film made $400 million worldwide. And the script was written within 13 days only. That’s very interesting. The plot and the characters were outstanding and unique, very intriguing as well. I don’t understand how he could pull it off in just 13 days? It’s a masterpiece, after all. I have read the script which was very entertaining. I don’t even need to see the film. Just the script alone is enough to blow me away. So, I will read through it again tonight and see what I can learn from it. I’m going to write a romantic comedy. So it will be a completely different movie. But I won’t say no to any inspiration. I¬† read and watch all sorts of books and films, just to get as many inspirations as possible. And I think, I have learned a lot by doing just that.

Basic instinct

Basic Instinct Manuscript 


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