New Patio Doors

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Today’s the day that they will come and replace the patio doors/windows in my flat. It will last all day. So I think, I will have to go somewhere. But the weather doesn’t look that good today. It seems, it will rain all day. Why today? Where should I hang around all day anyway in this weather condition? They said that I don’t have to go out, I can stay while they are working. Who wants to stay when they will be making lots of noises all day? No thanks! But if the weather’s going to be that bad I might stay. I’ll see.


This is my little balcony. I removed everything away from it this morning because they will come and do the work here soon. So nothing should get in the way.


These are the doors that can be open. So I can use it as a terrace during summertime.


The top parts are windows. The bottom parts are doors. So when I open all windows and doors I will have a patio.
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I just open the top parts to view the garden and get some fresh air.

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