5 Tips For Aspiring Actors

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13 Years ago, I decided to start my acting career. Today, I won’t regret a thing. But when I first started, I wasn’t that serious about it anyway. Acting career can be tough when you don’t know who to turn to, where to begin, how it works, how to get noticed, who you should associate yourself with, and many more. It’s like fumbling in the dark. It felt so overwhelmed for me in my first 4-5 years in the film business. So I didn’t give it 100%. But now since I have been doing it for 13 years I realised, my passion for acting is still strong. It doesn’t fade over time. This is what I really want. I also begin to have interests in screenwriting, directing, and film making. All in all, I will stick to the entertainment industry, no matter what I will be doing. And I feel good about it. Looking back, I did make the right choice 13 years ago.

So what do I do to overcome the obstacles, to stay true to myself and do whatever in my power to make my dreams come true? I have listed 5 things that help keep me on track:

1. I have 2 side jobs. But these jobs are flexible jobs. So I work when I want to. Therefore they will not interfere with my acting job. Acting career is a very difficult profession. Talents alone will not get you there, unless you are very lucky. No one becomes star overnight. It requires hard work, knowing the right people to help you get there, persistence, etc. But most importantly, it requires money. You cannot follow your dreams without it. Especially when you’re just starting out you don’t make that much money from acting career alone. You’d have to work as a supporting artiste to begin with. And it isn’t a good paid job as an extra. And sometimes, you do get jobs and sometimes don’t. So many people are working as supporting artistes nowadays. So again, it’s not that easy even as an extra. And that’s why so many people give up after having tried and tried. Because they need to pay their bills and stuff. And they get lost along the way. So having a stable job beside it to support your income, is a sensible thing to do. Until you start making more and more income from your acting job, then you can quit other jobs. When you’re not worried about how to pay your bills you tend to have more energy and focus to make your dreams come true.

2. Add more skills to my resume. I always try to add more relevant skills to my acting resume, so I can reach my goals faster. For example, I plan to attend acting class, vocal training, film making class, script writing class, dancing,  and more. When you have the right skills to pursue your dreams you feel more confident that you will make it, eventually. You also get to meet like-minded people along the way who share the same dreams, experiences, and who will also help support you, and vice versa.

3. Try to do other things, too, not just acting. Similar things in the same business, such as writing, voice over. Many actors do it, to keep their creativities flowing, and to try new skills and professions within the same industry. And that’s why many actors also become directors, screenwriters, producers, and similar.

4. Read lots of books about the film/entertainment industry, to gain more knowledge and insight. When you equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge in the industry your confidence and self-esteem increase.

5. Doing your own short films on YouTube, for instance. That’s what I am going to do. You don’t have to wait for someone to invite you to the auditions. So they can see how you act. How about starting your own short films to show your talents? 1-2 Minutes on each YouTube video is enough.

I hope, this will be useful for aspiring actors out there.

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