Jam on Toast

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Good morning! Jam on toast is my breakfast before I embark on my script writing. I like cheese and jam on my warm toasted bread once in a while. When it comes to early meal, I quite like sweet stuff. And that’s why, sometimes, I like having just fruits for breakfast as well. It’s nice eating fruits in the morning. The freshness and naturally sweet really give you the energy and revitalisation to start your day. I stood up quite early today as well. I want to start writing my film script as early as possible since next week, there will be lots of noises during the weekdays because of the houses are undergoing modernisation at present. If I worked constantly on my manuscript I might be lucky to finish it this weekend already! So I shall see if I could manage it. But I also have to do some self tape auditions. So I have to read and memorise the scripts. Well, I’d better start now then.

Jam on toast

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