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I will try to finish creating characters for my film script today. I have a few more characters to construct. When I am done with it, I think, it will be easier to do the rest. This part is the most difficult part of all, I think. Designing the characters – making them become real and believable, so that people either want to love or hate them – the characters that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives, perhaps – requires patience, lots of researches, and good people skills, I think. And that’s why for me this is the most crucial part, which needs strongĀ  focus. Because I have watched lots of movies which the plots are good & unique enough, but then the characters don’t really live up to expectations. Something is missing. And that makes the films fail to impress the audience. So I must be careful in this area.

I have studied psychology many years ago. So I hope, I can make use of it now. I must concentrate on creating characters that people won’t forget, or at least find interesting, so that they won’t find my film boring.

But it looks sunny outside today. I feel tempted to go out and enjoy the sun – the nice weather. When the sun is out, I also like to be out. I don’t want to miss that. I like walking around and enjoy the nice weather. But I don’t think I can do that today. If I did then I would get so tired when I got home. Then I wouldn’t be able to finish producing the characters. But maybe, I will devote my whole evening for it instead.

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