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I did not want to go out. I planned to finish creating my characters. But they were changing the windows of the flat on top of my flat. They made lots of noises. They started  early morning and finished late afternoon. So I had to go out. I completely forgot that at this moment, they do a renovation for all the houses in the village I live in. It’s about time that these houses need a complete reconstruction. On Monday, it will be my flat that they will come and replace the windows. So, I have to go somewhere again. Both inside and outside the property need some changes. And that means, there will be lots of noises every day until they are done. It will be hard for me now then to concentrate on my film script writing. What a bad timing. Well, I will try my best. I have to.

So today, I went into Central London. Just walking around Oxford Street and windows-shopping. When I got home before I went into the building, I took a look at my neighbour’s windows. And they looked nicer than the old ones. Now, I also look forward to new windows. I had hoped, it would be a sliding door, which will add a more modern touch to the house I live in and more useful.

It’s a village near Wimbledon Village with English country house style. The houses have some flats in each of them. And there’s a terrace attached to each flat. Well, some flats do not have a balcony. But in that house I live in, each flat does have it  So, I would love to have a sliding door that I could easily open to my gallery instead of big doors, which are not quite practical to use the deck. And that’s why I rarely use my sundeck, even during summertime.

The sliding door would be ideal and more constructive. I don’t know why they give people a veranda when they make it so difficult for people to use it. But, I only saw the new windows from a long distance. So, maybe they did replace them with something more helpful  anyway. I must wait and see my new windows on Monday then.

Picadilly Circus

Picadilly Circus

South East Asian actress in London


Silver sandals

Me & my silver sandals.

Beauty & the beast

I love fairy tale! I want to see this film, Beauty And The Beast.

Chinese lanterns


Cool sunglasses on white

Summer sunglasses 

Noodle soup with fish balls

Finally, a noodle soup for dinner at home.

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